The Rapid Antigen test for detecting the Covid-19 virus is commonly known as Antigen test and is gaining popularity for giving quick results that are reliable and accurate. The most well-known Covid-19 test clinic in the UK explains everything you ever wanted to know about Antigen tests.

What is the covid-19 antigen test?

An antigen test for covid-19 detects specific proteins in the coronavirus. With the help of the nasal swab, an antigen test can provide the test result in minutes. Sometimes, it may take longer when the swab is sent to the lab.

Most of the time, antigen test reports are considered to be accurate. However, they cannot guarantee 100% accuracy and a positive antigen test must be followed up with an RT-PCR test for confirmation.

How do these tests get executed?

For this test, the sample is collected from the nostril using a swab and is called a nasopharyngeal sample. This sample evaluates whether there is any possibility of the presence of infection with SARS-CoV-2. The test detects whether the virus-related specific antigen proteins are present in the sample

When should I go for a covid-19 antigen test?

An antigen test is often recommended when the PCR test is not available readily. If a person has some symptoms that prominently indicate infection, he/she should go for a rapid antigen test without any second thoughts.

There are several situations when someone needs to go for a covid-19 antigen test:

  • If a person has come in close contact with another person who has covid-19 symptoms.


  • Attending a large gathering leaves a possibility for transmission of coronavirus.


  • Working or visiting public areas where many people come from different places.


  • For a return to work, use of public transport, planned surgery or hospitalization, etc. you can go for a rapid antigen test for covid-19.


What are the steps for an antigen test for covid-19?

  • Before the test: There are no restrictions on activities like eating or drinking before the test.


  • During the test: It takes less than one minute to execute the test. A trained phlebotomist just collects the nasal and oral swab. This insertion may often be uncomfortable as you may feel your eyes watering or temporarily stinging during the sample collection procedure. There may be temporary discomfort in the nasal passage and throat.


  • After the test: No action is required from the person being tested, post sample collection. Some people just feel a lasting effect after the test is done.


  • Getting the test result: If the sample of the antigen test has been sent to the lab, it would take a few hours to get the result. There are certain Lateral flow tests where the result can be obtained within minutes. After the result, you need to consult your doctor.


For receiving a verifiable test report, doctors recommend getting your test done from reliable test clinics only. If you are based in the UK, you must choose Concepto Clinic, a government-approved covid-19 test clinic in the UK for an authentic covid-19 test report.

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