Traveling during Covid-19 is way different from how it was, back in pre-Covid times. Some additional steps have been added to the journey of traveling as part of the safety measures for the coronavirus. It is quite crucial for travelers to always remain updated with the latest Covid-19 travel restriction imposed by the government. Hence, here are 6 important tips from the experts of Concepto Clinic, the government-approved Covid-19 test clinic in the UK that can facilitate safe journeys for travelers.

  1. Know the Covid infection rate where you live-

    Even if you are fully vaccinated, it is very much important to evaluate the rate of spread of Covid-19 cases in your own vicinity and surroundings.

If the rate remains high at the time of your travel, you are at a high risk to develop the virus in your body or transmit it to your co-travelers.

  1. Assess the Covid infection rate of your destination-

    The rate of infection for Covid-19 at the location you are planning to visit is perhaps the biggest factor to factor in before you travel. If your destination is considered a red-listed area, it will be risky for you to travel to that place.

Even if your destination comes under the green list, taking necessary precautions, and getting vaccinated is a must for your own safety.

  1. Pay attention to the status of your vaccination along with your health-

    In recent times, since the vaccines for Covid-19 have come into prominence, it has become obligatory to get vaccinated for everyone, especially when someone is about to travel in the next few days. Traveling without vaccination can lead to a serious consequence of Covid-19 infection. Hence, before traveling to another place, make sure that you are vaccinated fully.

  2. Select the best medium for travel-

    If possible, drive down to your destination with limited known co-travelers. Although public modes of transport these days are strictly following all the necessary guidelines for Covid-19, there remain few exceptions, due to which there are chances of getting infected from your unknown co-travelers. Hence, if possible, opt for a vehicle with limited seats for traveling.

  3. Be smart about your activities-

    While you are traveling at such a crucial time when the next variant of the Covid-19 virus is still creating havoc in some places, you have to act smart at all times. Take necessary precautions and pay attention to extra safety. Face masks and hand sanitizers are simply indispensable at every step. Keep a certain physical distance from everyone. Isolate yourself if you suspect that you are developing symptoms or have come in contact with an infected person.

  4. Get yourself tested for Covid-19-

    This is a pre-requisite and must be done on an average of 48-72 hours before travel. Getting tested before you start your journey is necessary for yourself and the ones around you. Visit a reliable Covid-19 test clinic in the UK and get your result first.

Concepto Clinic, the reputed and reliable Covid-19 test clinic in the UK, is offering the Same day RT-PCR Travel Tests and Pre-departure Travel Tests with the most accurate results at affordable prices. Get your test done at Concepto Clinic and if you appear to be negative for Covid-19, travel untroubled.

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