Day 2 Postal Kit – Instructions to follow

Receiving the kit. You will get a security sealed test kit in a box like this – they will be send to you by 24hours tracked Royal Mail post.

Open the box and you will find following items in it

1. A fresh packed swab, a liquid vial, observant pad
2.Biohazard bag
3.Pre-paid return envelope.
4. Postal Kit Info Card

Please make sure you activate the kit by entering your personal details and the Barcode on the liquid Vial to this link.
Please note: If you miss activating the kit on our website, we won’t be able to run the test on your sample.

Wash Your Hands

Enter your details on the tube correctly, and fill the Postal Kit Info Card

Make sure the swab makes good contact with the 5 key areas of the mouth
1. Tonsil
2. Posterior Wall
3. Uvula
4. Posterior Wall
5. Tonsil

Using the same swab, carefully insert it 2-3 cms horizontally as comfortable as possible

Rotate the swab 5 times and then leave in position for 5-10 seconds to absorb any material present.

Put the swab back into the tube and break it inside from the breaking point. Firmly close the cap.

Put the tube (with swab in it) and observant pad in the biohazard bag and seal it.

Put this in the box with the Postal Kit Info Card and put the box in the pre-paid return envelope provided

Pack the sample box pack in the pre-paid return envelope and drop it in Royal Mail priority postbox. You can find your nearest priority post box using this link.

You will get your result back in 24-48 hours after your sample reaches to us.