Is your staff ready to work?

Covid-19 Corporate Testing Strategy

It seems clear that we are far from the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Manpower planning in Covid-19 times can be challenging, Essential Services employees must go to work but employers are asking questions about how best to keep the workplace safe. Antibody and PCR testing may provide the answer for employees returning to work.

Testing for COVID 19 could save your organisation a lot of complex decisions about how to ensure the safe return of your staff to work and help you have a practical and clear approach to staffing decisions.

We offer holistic solutions in these challenging times.

If you are an organisation with closed workspaces, we offer screening services for an optimal return to work strategy.

Our team of trained phlebotomists can visit your workplace on an ongoing basis to collect swab samples or venesection samples for PHE approved Antibody and PCR tests.

For further details and to discuss the most suitable options for your organisation, please email us at:

Covid-19 Corporate Testing