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Coronavirus Fit to Fly test (Medical Certificate) - RT-PCR test

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage, and countries are facing the next wave of infections, most nations have put in place travel restrictions to discourage non-essential travel, to contain further spread of the virus. There are stringent guidelines for essential travellers too, ranging from documentation to prove they are asymptomatic to 14 days of quarantine once you reach your destination. Several countries require that permitted international travellers furnish results of nucleic acid tests or molecular assays i.e. the RT-PCR test conducted 48-72 hours before embarking on their journey and/or a self-declaration form that they do not have Covid-19 symptoms along with details of their travel history.

At Concepto Clinic, we offer Covid-19 RT-PCR tests in for travellers, essential workers and even children. The test is performed by collecting an oral and nasopharyngeal swab that detects current coronavirus infection. A negative result could allow passengers to travel to certain countries as well as provide exemption to travellers from quarantine too. Our tests are >99% accurate in detecting the RNA from coronavirus and are conducted in a UKAS registered/accredited lab. Concepto/Jabs Travel Clinic is regulated by Care Quality Commission or CQC. That said, every country has its own regulations for travellers and most of them have portal where the travellers need to register themselves and submit their certificates.

The Travel Testing requirements are also evolving based on latest research findings. A few countries like Japan and Denmark have their own prescribed format or form for RT-PCR test certificates and Travel Test certificates must be in that format only. PRC (China) requires RT-PCR test along with an Antibody test (IgM), and travellers must book two tests – one for RT-PCR and the other for Antibody (blood sample) test. Travellers to Hong Kong as well as Jersey require a test certificate as well as a lab result from a UKAS accredited lab only. Travellers to Greece need their Passport number on their test certificate, without which they are not permitted to travel, even if they have a valid certificate. Recent regulations by Singapore Government require nationality as well as Passport number clearly mentioned on the test certificate. Romania has a very tight deadline for tests conducted within 48 hours before commencement of journey. Our Travel Tests meet all the above requirements and are accepted globally.

With regulations changing across the globe, we are striving constantly to stay on top of testing requirements across geographies. If you have concerns about our tests meeting the criteria for your location, please write to us at

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