Same Day RT-PCR Travel Test

If you have to travel urgently and you need a same day RT-PCR Travel Test with a medical certificate – please book at one of our clinics given below. The RT-PCR test is recognised globally

You will get your result on the same day before midnight (2400 hours).
Once your result is ready, you can also download it from our website.

The RT-PCR test detects the presence of Covid-19 viral RNA and is most appropriate during the earliest stages after exposure to the virus. Our Approved RT-PCR Test is recognized for travel purposes.

£129.00 (Includes the Medical certificate)

 We work 7 days a week

Nationwide Clinic Locations

Phone: 02033718814

Our trained staff member will collect your sample.


  1. Please DO NOT book a travel test through us if you are traveling to Hong Kong or Jersey.
  2. We will not take any responsibility for calculating the time when your sample needs to be taken for meeting the covid-19 travel requirements of your destination.
  3. Please do not book a clinic appointment for a covid-19 test if you have current covid-19 symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has tested covid positive.
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